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GSV Webinar: Preoperative Functional Status, Impaired Mobility, and the Implications for Postoperative Care - Shared screen with speaker view
vanita ahuja
Hello to all
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
Hi everyone! Thank you for joining - Looking forward to today's discussion!
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
Really neat to hear how you are finding ways to complete these screens via telehealth, Jasmine. Is anyone else doing this or similar innovative ways to have screens be completed via telehealth?
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
Thank you JoAnn and Jasmine!
Ethan Cumbler
That was an amazing example of incorporating comprehensive screens into the EMR and geriatric surgery. Who does these screens in your organization and is it the same person preop and postoperative
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
We've heard from some hospitals that they cannot have same person(s) do pre/post screens, and that is completely fine from a GSV program expectation. We understand the difficulty that can pose. Often, the nurses coordinating discharge of patient on unit are doing postop screens.
vanita ahuja
Thanks Jasmine and Joann