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Julia Francescatti's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Sabha Ganai
When does this start?
Laurie Kirstein
dr kurtzman, with the concept of mentorship for non-accredited hospital to partner with accredited programs, does this extend to multidisciplinary care and opinions, so as to help these facilities ensure the basic understanding of the ideal goals for treatment?
Patricia patricia.sylla@mountsinai.org
so the 21 hospitals are all COC accredited or collaborating with COC accredited programs ?
Patricia patricia.sylla@mountsinai.org
can you expand on the cancer center affiliate liaison ? how is that FTE funded ? Any other costs associated with this type of program?
Colette Salmschmid
Is there a cost to a rural program to participate in your network?
Colette Salmschmid
sounds like it pays for itself
Colette Salmschmid
For Mary
Colette Salmschmid
Do you use the state registry in addition to the centers registry
Colette Salmschmid
If we change the standards for the rural programs, are we not diluting our quality care brand?
Patricia patricia.sylla@mountsinai.org
Colette. Depends ! standards have not be validated for impact on outcomes ! that's why linking standards to quality metrics, and validating them, will be important work we need to do. In the meantime, not sure that returning a treatment summary within 30 days to the treating PCP is a critical metric
Patricia patricia.sylla@mountsinai.org
just an example of standards in NAPRC...
Colette Salmschmid
Changing relationships to make them happen