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GSV Webinar: Medication and Pain Management for the Older Adult Patient - Shared screen with speaker view
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
Hi everyone - So happy to have you join us! Looking forward to today's session on Med and Pain Management. As a reminder, feel free to use the chat function to post questions/etc., and please turn on your mute function if not speaking. Thank you!
Jessica Pintiello
Morning from Anita Meehan I’m showing as Jessica Pinetillo
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
Hi Anita thank you for joining!
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
Here is link to Univ Florida PAMI; https://pami.emergency.med.jax.ufl.edu/
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
If you scroll to bottom, quick resources include learning modules, dosing guide, toolkit and pain videos.
Tom Robinson
Diane - What is the specific multi-modal pain path that your team uses?
Kelly Bahr
Would you be able to share that order set?
Samantha Silverstein
Sorry my computer's microphone isn't working - so have to share in Chat. We have new order sets we just created to include 65+ for ortho and non-ortho. I can share and upload screenshot here.
Dianne Bettick
Is anyone assessing for cognition in the immediate pre and/or postop area?
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
That would be great Samantha - thank you!
Samantha Silverstein
Great I will send to you guys now - I am not sure how to upload to chat.
Samantha Silverstein
I will send our preop assessments as well. We are using mini-cog preop and CAMS postop inpatient