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GSV Webinar: Identifying High-Risk Patients and Addressing Vulnerabilities - Shared screen with gallery view
Genevieve Ranieri
Love these visual cues on the white board - thank you for sharing. A great/quick/easy way to ID high-risk patients outside of the EHR.
Genevieve Ranieri
Congratulations to the Unity team on Level 1 Verification!
Caroline Frahm
Thank you Genevieve! The entire Unity staff is so excited
Jane Carmody
Yes, congrats!! so exciting for all of us!
Rachel Khadaroo
Jasmine can share her screen if she wants
gretchen schwarze
this is such a great intervention - find people who are vulnerable and then give them extra support to maintain their sensory aids!!!!
Genevieve Ranieri
I really like how this workflow captures each step and team members responsible at each step. Keeps the process clear and easy to follow.
Kim Gorman
Will information be provided regarding the Sensory equipment. Great idea
Ethan Cumbler
Reflecting on what we heard so far there are three key components:
Ethan Cumbler
1. A simple reliable screening method for the different domains of vulnerability
Ethan Cumbler
2. A mechanism to make the identified vulnerabilities visible to the care team through the perioperative period
Ethan Cumbler
3. Concrete work-flow to act upon a vulnerability identified such as the example Jasmine provided for patients with sensory impairment
Genevieve Ranieri
Thank you for sharing these practical interventions for a few of the vulnerabilities patients may have.
Jasmine Demos
Happy to share, glad you found it helpful.
Genevieve Ranieri
Thank you for sharing your experience Ethan - focusing on a screen that can be quickly implemented, and tying it to the value for the patient is critical.
gretchen schwarze
Buy in is such a huge thing when you are asking people to do new things!
Ethan Cumbler
The integration into the electronic health record just demonstrated is fantastic! It requires additional informatics build resources upfront but saves time in staff education and reeducation at the back end because folks only need to know how to find the screen in the EHR and be familiar with how to score but the tool guides them through what questions to ask and what actions are triggered.
Julie Stanik-Hutt
having auto messaging to appropriate therapist/provider after a positive screen really helps 'make things happen'.
Genevieve Ranieri
Thank you so much Rachel, Ethan and Gretchen for leading this call - really informative and helpful as hospitals work through this. And thank you for sharing your hospital experiences Jasmine and Caroline.
Jane Carmody
Rachel, great idea and engaging and including families!
gretchen schwarze
Everyone is doing amazing work! this is so important to identify people who need extra support - we don't have the resources to "pre hab" everyone particularly for those who don't need it....
Genevieve Ranieri
Great suggestion Rachel - and if you have nursing students, etc. - putting that into their hands can really be helpful.
gretchen schwarze
In Pittsburgh, they have patients and family fill out a form like this while they are in the waiting room for their apt with the surgeon
Kim Gorman
Thank you Great information!
Genevieve Ranieri
Thank you all so much - great call!
Jane Carmody
ACS-GSV, this is been a great webinar! Thank you. WE at The John A. Hartford Foundation are so privileged to support GSV and look forward to uptake!!!