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GSV Webinar: Why Discharge Documentation is an Essential Component for Providing High-Quality Care - Shared screen with speaker view
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
Good morning everyone! We appreciate you joining us. Please feel free to use the chat function to ask questions.
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
Sanjay - it looks like you're on the call, but we can't hear you. Perhaps you can join in via phone?
Sanjay Mohanty
Ah my mute button wasn’t unmuting apologies - think I’m good to go
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
Thank you for your insight and expertise JoAnn, Julie, and Sanjay (even from the road). Discharge planning really does need to begin at admission, and when possible, even earlier. Getting the patient to "the finish line" takes collaboration from the team throughout the patient's hospitalization.
michele` devita
I am in the VA system ad 2 way communication between facility and hospital has been difficult to achieve - I am also in the process of improving our discharge notes to incorporate the GSV criteria. The surgery residents and attendings are busy and incorporating the changes has been difficult - can you give any insight in how you achieved this and prevented barriers to get buy in -
michele` devita
yes that was very helpful - we have buy with our executive team - it is the increased documentation that is proving more difficult - but working hard on it -
Sanjay Mohanty
mohantys@iu.edu - happy to chat with anyone! I have to step off - great discussion
Kat Christenen
Thank you, Sanjay!
Guadalupe Barragan
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