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Open forum to address equity, diversity, & inclusion - How can we move the needle in our programs and in cancer care? - Spring ACS Cancer Programs Integration Meetings - Shared screen with speaker view
Patricia patricia.sylla@mountsinai.org
please describe the self-nomination process for ACS cancer program participation
Patricia patricia.sylla@mountsinai.org
survey was missing demographics of cancer programs members and leaders. Do you have numbers ? how many leasers of M/F, how many committee members are rural surgeons vs academic surgeons, URM, etc. Would be helpful as a starting point
Kathy Yao, MD
We did not ask for those demographic factors-I presented the only ones we asked
Patricia patricia.sylla@mountsinai.org
hard to talk about diversity when you don't have numbers and trends
Leticia Nogueira
Exactly, when survey respondents stated that the "feel included", it has a different meaning if survey respondents were from historically marginalized groups or if they are majority white
Lillie Shockney
Consider adding as member orgs, advocacy orgs who are specifically focusing on underserved, African American cancer patients, Hispanic, etc.
Susan Hedlund (FAC)- OHSU (she/her)
yes- we are actively reaching out to those groups currently.
Colette Salmschmid
Looks like an opportunity! once we get a program on board, we offer some instruction for our programs.
Heidi Nelson
I would like to hear Dr. Olawaiye's thoughts on how we can build a diverse pipeline. Fully agree it will be important to transition from qualitative to quantitative assessments of diversity, at the same time can this pulse survey help us get started on changing our environment so we are sure to be welcoming.
Sandra Kurtin
It may be useful to create an organizational chart that documents membership overtime, perhaps setting benchmarks for composition of committees to be representative across disciplines, ethnicity, gender, etc.
Lillie Shockney
We need to improve access to screening and care to draw in underserved populations. I have been listening to my local news at night, and they have been having the Vaccination clinics for COVID19 open from 10am to 4pm and are wondering why they don't have a steady flow of people coming in. I wrote to the news station and said that we cannot expect people to come during those hours. it is convenient for the vaccinator but not for the public. people are at work. children ages 12 and up are in school!! they need to change their hours to evenings and weekends!! I think the same applies for cancer screenings.
Sandra Kurtin
Mentorship was great!
Scott Kurtzman NAPBC
We also have to make sure that people who have been around forever (like me) bow out gracefully to allow new people and people from diverse backgrounds to come in. Heidi has been a huge advocate for that. We have to preserve some institutional memory, but there is still room to step away.
Sandra Kurtin
Perhaps a succession planning process.
Scott Kurtzman NAPBC
AJCC has an Advocacy Committee that is just that.
Scott Kurtzman NAPBC
Oops, I meant NAPBC
Kathy Yao, MD
NAPBC has a patient advocacy committee as well
Jeff Gershenwald
thanks everyone for this important and dynamic discussion - I need to sign off, but look forward to continuing this dialog to continue to raise the bar with all of you - best, Jeff
Donna Gress, RHIT, CTR
They have great institutional knowledge that we can't lose
Lillie Shockney
In looking at our representation internally on all of our committees, can we also look to see what the equity situation is for the cancer centers when they select their physician liaison too?
Elizabeth Wick
We are going to get Drs Wexner and Fleshman to help with our radiologists study :)
steven wexner
happy to do so
Patricia patricia.sylla@mountsinai.org
would be happy to
Elizabeth Wick
Sponsorship/mentorship as part of succession