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GSV Webinar: How to Promote Mobility, Assess Function, and Prevent Falls - Shared screen with speaker view
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
Hi everyone! Please feel free to use the chat function during the presentation this morning to ask questions. Thank you everyone for joining, and a big thank you to Dr. Khadaroo and Dr. Demos for presenting!
Susan Korucubasi
8 hours
Jessica Pintiello
I don't have a mic, sorry.
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
5% loss?
donna swartz
michele devita
We use our POSH team that performs gait speed, chair stands, Lawton & Brody and KATZ criteria
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
Thank you Dr. Khadaroo and Dr. Demos - that was some really great background info, as well as actual implementation.
michele devita
We intervene preoperatively in our seniors and we have PT and OT in our POSH clinic
michele devita
our team evaluates function and gives our patient exercises for them to utilize in their home setting - we evaluate and see the patients post operatively - we then have PT evaluate the patients in the post op period - POSH evaluates, nutrition, function, cognitive issues and then consult and make a plan for each patient post op as well as preop
Brenda Gostanian
I agree - it is difficult to get an accurate look at what activity/mobility levels have actually occurred in inpatient setting - what the patient has or has not done isn't necessarily easily or accurately documented objectively.
michele devita
yes please
Jessica Pintiello
One issue is staff is very concerned with preventing falls to the extent that sometimes function is sacrificed
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
Working with the patient and family/care givers, focus on what can be done safely at the patient's bedside and with what assistive devices they are already comfortable with, understanding role of entire team (so not just OT/PT) - can all help to promote mobility for patients.
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
From GSV program perspective - team members that are trained can perform the screens (so it can relieve some of the burden on the surgeon).
Shannon Byrne
Thank you. This was very helpful.