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GSV Webinar: How to Assemble an Interdisciplinary Conference at your Hospital - Shared screen with speaker view
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
Good morning and thank you to everyone joining us - Looking forward to another great webinar!
Shannon Byrne
Nadine R. Benoit Hackensack University Medical Center
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
Really love this question that allows everyone to share their perspective and bring their expertise to the table.
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
Jana - It would be great to know how many high-risk elective patients you discuss in a typical conference, and how long a meeting usually runs for?
Michael Holmes
In the Durham VA we have POSH clinic which involves a multidisciplinary team including geriatric, surgery, anesthesia, nutrition, pt and ot, chaplaincy, pharmacy, social work- we identify high risk patients >/= 75 and older and we see them inpatient also
Jessica Pintiello
Is that templated documentation of recommendations also housed in the patient's actual chart as part of their medical record?
Wendy Kowalchuk
Do any of the GSV participating facilities on the call track the percentage of patients that do have a positive screening needing further intervention vs those that do not have positive screenings? monthly/yearly?
Deborah Gore
I'm curious how you were able to shift the culture for the surgical providers to f/u with entering orders based off the groups multiD recommendations vs the the multiD group entering the orders. This is great, thx for sharing!
Rachel Khadaroo
Thank you for the presentation. Who creates the "episodes of care"? I agree the notes in Epic are difficult to go through and creating episodes would make it easier than viewing all the encounters a patient has had.
Julie Stanik-Hutt
Deborah - In my experience, NPs can really be the 'glue' that holds together (make sure the orders are written) the translation from group recommendations into orders
Deborah Gore
Ok great, thx Dr. Cumbler. That's how we are doing it
Samantha Silverstein
Great presentations! Great to hear from your successes and thank you for sharing your process!
Deborah Gore
We (Rocky Mountain VA Medical Center) call the surgeon if there are concerns with our patients going forward with elective surgery after the multiD conference.
Vanita Ahuja
Thank you. It may be better with CPRS.
Genevieve Ranieri (ACS)
Thank you so much Ethan and Jana - fantastic presentation, and connecting the dots for a lot of GSV hospitals. Appreciate everyone sharing what they are achieving at their hospitals as well!
Rachel Khadaroo
Thank you Dr. Cumbler & Jana for presenting us with new ways to look at interdiscip. rounds. Really amazing presentation!
Shannon Byrne
Thank you for the opportunity to learn and join you all. - Katie from HUMC palliative care
Deborah Gore
Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and experiences to help all of us!
Shannon Byrne
Thank you Dr. Cumbler and Jana. Great presentations. - Shannon, HUMC
Shannon Byrne
thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences
Vanita Ahuja
Subhendra Banerjee
Episodes of care is the best thing Jana's team has created for us
Deborah Gore
I need Dr. Cumbler's positive affirmations in my head all day! :)