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Julia Francescatti's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Colette Schmid
dont we then need a unique pt identifier to do this and use exchanges
Samantha K Hendren
So true. We so underutilize the potential power of our information technology. But individual clinicians are too busy to engineer this
Colette Schmid
dr opelka...always amazing
Tim Mullett - CoC
Wonderful presentation.
steven wexner
Frank, as always you gave a phenomenal talk which is of course consistent with the incredible job which you do for all of us and our patients
Heidi Nelson
Frank, great presentation- Thank you. So clear and compelling
Robert Brookland
It took AJCC a lot of bumps to figure out we needed an Implementation Committee
Laurie Kirstein
I think there is a great opportunity for the patient journey as a new way to view a standard to propose an implementation study
Jeff Gershenwald
Thanks Dr. Berkin - as Chair of the AJCC Implementation Committee (along with Dr. Sam Spencer at CAP), we'd welcome any insights you'd be willing to share with our AJCC implementation committee...and it may be helpful to cross-pollinate implementation committees across the Cancer Programs
Scott Kurtzman
I agree with Laurie, this is a different way to gauge success of a standard.
Colette Schmid
agree and timeline very fortuitous
Colette Schmid
looking forward to exploring further
Tim Mullett - CoC
Dr. Opelka, I agree with you completely, the CoC and Cancer Programs are uniquely positioned to move cancer care forward. It seems we need to work in a bi-directional way with tech vendors who are designing around our standards. Should we be informing their work or approving their work and learning from it?
steven wexner
What will it take for the government and insurance companies recognize the value of the CoC standards and associate that value with monetary value
Tim Mullett - CoC
Agree, Steve.